Mid-week distraction

This week has been hectic in the fort, all planning has been thrown out the window. We usually have our day-off in the middle of the week, but it's just not happening this week. We decided to scramble together a list of mid-week distraction, in case you are like us, panicking. Inspired by a simple meditation exercise, 5 4 3 2 1, and we put a spin on it.

5 visual candy

illustration by http://saintemaria.tumblr.com/, Gordon Matta Clarke's Drawings, Rebecca Ward's work https://www.rebeccaward.net/, Tomato silk shirt by Esby Apparel, Japanese Wood Block Print by Renee Gouin inspired by Morandi.

4 things to read
Every corner of this place is made for Instagram (Read Here) 
Saving the ocean one load of laundry at a time (Read Here)
Morgan Hugh

3 songs
City Music - Kevin Morby (Listen Here) 
Game Winner - Joey Dosik (Listen Here) 
Anything by L.A. Salami (Listen Here)

2 nourishing (and quick) recipes
3 pm peckish staple Banana Bread (Recipe)
Anna Jone's one pot wonder (Recipe)

1 Motivation GIF