Hello / by YT


First post! While Ben is playing lego and humming "We are Family" in the background.. here we are! Into the Fort is finally launched! Before I proceed to more sentences ending with exclamation marks, I would like to give you a slice of our inspiration for this blog. We live in Hong Kong, where property is a big thing. We live with my parents, and we furnished our room to almost function as our own little studio apartment. We've been dreaming about owning a flat on Lamma Island. Then one day, my mum enlightened us with a line that sparks off a wild fantasy.. " I always wanted a camper van ." The words ring in our head, the idea somehow sticks.  So we started looking up how people do it and realise it might make a nice contrast to where people live in the city such as Hong Kong. We decided that it will be a nice project for us to dig deeper into the possibilities of having our own mobile home in the city, also to actually hit the road with our compact little home on wheels. We are not 100% sure it's gonna work out the way we imagine it would be, but we want to give it a shot anyway. Aim for the moon and see where we land!

If this intrigues you, stick around!