Have a great Sunday. / by YT


Any plans for today? It's 6.30 pm in Hong Kong and we are chilling at home after dim sum with friends and intense games at the arcade. This is our cat. Above it hangs our red pockets 利是 in a fish pouch. In case you wonder what's inside red pockets. It's CASH. (#helllllo) Mutton is cooking and I am looking for dessert ideas for the fam later this evening. So far this and this look banging'. Have a good one guys and here are a few eye candies around the world wide web..

Aura photography is a thing. My girl-boss-crush Jen Gotch paid good money for hers being taken.

This, is why Airstream is our dream trailer.

Minimal Wardrobe How-to.. Let's see how minimal can I go. Sophie is so on-point with her tips. ( Also, me and Ben enjoy Tokyo Vlog 1 & 2 very much! )

Last but not least, I am on #teamWhiteandGold.

Feature photo by Yee Ting Lau.