[Lately] Where art thou?  / by YT

Apparently it means ‘Why are you’ instead of ‘Where are you’, but what do I know.. Annnnyway, in case you are wondering where we’ve been. Nowhere. We were ill one after another, snowed under ( it's ironic 'cause we are in Hong Kong *cold chuckle*) catching up with work at our full-time job, looking for flats (now ready to pack and move!) and voila goes our three weeks off radar.. 

In attempt to draw your attention back on us, I ought to give you some heads up. 

1.) Ready to mingle! 

We are on various social media platform, come stalk us! Blogger guru and social media Holy Ghost , I welcome your presence. We are on Twitter/Instagram as @intothefort and more articles are shared on


 . I have yet to tamper with Pinterest, be hold…I will come back to it. 

2.) We have plans to cooperate some bi-lingual posts. 

Mainly focusing on both me and Ben’s mother tongue which is written Chinese and Hungarian +English. It’s probably not gonna be all there yet, since we don’t write in both language on a daily basis. Nonetheless we want to give it a shot! 

3) Things on wheels 

The blog started off as a project to record our research on our journey in owning a mobile home and yet we find ourselves trying to keep up with the blog but totally missing the point. We are still in the process of finding our niche (bear with us, and if you've been there or currently on the same boat, holler at us! Support group assembled. ) and we want to take this blog seriously as much as we can. 

Hence, we will have a launch post for a series putting us back on the page of mobile home and living out of essentials. Stay tune! 

Next up: #inmybelly illustration post TOMORROW!!