[Reviews] An introduction / by YT


I am a skeptic who's always up for trying out new things. It is a weird combination, which only means that my enthusiasm is always curbed by my instinctive suspicion a.k.a ‘gut feeling’, however, my scepticism can never over-drive my keenness to stick my nose into, well, all sorts (hence the cover photo). The verdicts I am going to give are solely based on intuition and how it makes me feel. Think of me as the non-sceintific myth-buster. If you want science, I am afraid there’s nothing for you from this point onwards.

There is a list of things I want to try out and they are categorised by their intrusiveness to my life (or my wallet). It’s only fair to say that, I don’t want to start hoarding just to find out what works. Plus, that’s not how a future mobile home owner/hippie should behave. So here goes the rules in which I loosely follow:

1) I will try it out if I don’t have to set aside time to do it, which means it can blend into my dual-identity’s routine.

2) I will try it out if I don’t have to pay too much i.e. I have  approx. 50% of the materials needed for the experiments lying around in our flat.

3) I will try it.

That’s the bottom line.

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