[Reviews] Oil Pulling / by YT


It is a health trend from the western culture says wikipedia. As far as globalisation goes, anything popular in the west spreads to this side of the world, which is ironic in this case ‘cause oil pulling originated from Ayurveda, a system of traditional Hindu medicine. It was then modified and promoted by the global-cultural-health and wellbeing mixology, swapping the oriental flavour of swishing a tablespoon of sesame oil into swishing of coconut oil in your mouth on an empty stomach. (Here's more via our best friend Google)

This action supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health. With the all hailed coconut oil, it was said to have added benefit of preventing tooth decay, apart from the remedy's already convincing benefits such as, help against gingivitis (what’s that? That sounds intense. ), plague and microorganisms that caused bad breath.

As it passes my two criteria for trying new things:

1) No need to set aside time: I did it first thing in the morning as I get changed and engage in my morning routine that doesn’t involve oral activities.

2) Materials needed: Coconut oil which recently have a Muji upgrade, stored in squeezable bottle in my bathroom.

One of my weakness is that I hardly ever stick to one thing and one thing alone. I am genuinely rubbish at keeping a habit. With new lifestyle app Timeful installed (which requires a separate post on it), it is to remind me twice a week to oil pull at 7am in the morning. I have done so for 3 weeks now, and here’s how I do it and what I found out.

*insert intriguing bridge music*

oil pulling 01
oil pulling 01

The Hows:

As it is shown in the picture, I used a ramen spoon as measurement and that instantly proved itself to be a mistake. One of the rules is to not swallow the oil in your mouth, because that’s where all the toxins and bacteria are wrapped in apparently. I kept feeling the need to swallow during the process and later found out that it means I have too much oil in my mouth. So I switched to using a normal tablespoon, by that I mean western spoon.Apart from the swallowing error, the rest I would have to say, it’s quite bearable. I first started with keeping the oil in my mouth for 10 mins and ’swish' while doing my makeup, then I did so for 20 mins and combine with some monotonous tasks as it was suggested in


’s Oil Pulling 101.

After I spitted out the oil, I rinse my mouth with salt water, brush and floss my teeth as usual.

oil pulling 02
oil pulling 02

For oil disposal, I spitted right into the bathroom bin, since there is a good amount of thrown out cotton pads, tissue to absorb the oil. Spitting coconut oil into the sink might clog pipes, so it’s a big no no. With washing up, I soaked everything in detergent and wash them with other dishes.The verdict:

- Gum feels nicer. I have gum inflamation problems once in a while and for 3 weeks it hasn’t occurred. I am taking it as a positive sign.

- My tongue definitely feels cleaner. Even when I only start hydrating myself at lunch time it doesn’t have that icky slimy mask of moss on my tongue surface. (apologies about the details.)

- My teeth ‘looks’/ ‘seems’ whiter. I simply don't have proof for it.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that it’s life changing or it is excellent remedy to cure dental diseases, since there is still very little medical proof to its benefits. I see how it’s appealing and to some extent it works its magic. Rate it as a little trick to improve the not-too alarming health issues in your life, it’s worth a try in that way.

As for a habit, I will get along with it as Timeful app reminds me to do so ritually. At the same time, I wonder how soon will I find the ‘snooze’ action to these diligent notifications on my phone…hmm…