A Stress-free Christmas Guide / by YT

With Christmas around the corner, decorations up, gift wrapping, meals prepping, sometimes the pressure just creeps up on you. We usually spend our Christmas travelling across the pond to see families, but this year we are staying in sub-tropical Hong Kong. Baby, it's warm outside and there is no Winter Wonderland in sight, here are some simple and minimalistic ways to still fill your household with cosy ambience and not miss out on festivities.

We love Christmas traditions, however it's missing the point if we are going out of our way to be extravagant for the sake of them. So this year, we are having our own take on Christmas traditions. 

Decorate minimally
This idea rooted from the fact that we don't have much storage space, so we have no choice but to compromise. Looking at our mini version of a plastic tree and living, growing infant version of real pine, we are pretty pleased with the result. There's no one to impress but ourselves, I would say that's a great success. 

Make stuff
They do not necessarily need to be elaborate. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest or better yet things you've seen friends and family do before. For instance, I have seen a girl at my student dorm piercing cloves into an orange while we sat in the corridor as we chat, I miss the aroma so much that I decided to give it a go this year. It brings me back in time to that carpeted corridor, Bailey's in mug, talking about boys with my fellow dorm-mates. I also made that wall hanging thing with a rod and some strings.. it didn't turn out the way I thought it would but still, I made something out of something *pat myself on the back* Some ideas to get you started: Clutter-free decorations ideas

Eat, drink and be merry
Whenever it's cool enough to have a tea in Hong Kong, just go for it. With that in mind, we have put together a tin filled with biscuits and chocolate for the occasion. If Christmas meal planning is starting to get overwhelming, invite someone to help you with it. Make it an occasion to cook and make drinks together. This year, Ben has accepted the challenge to make his own eggnog and YT is back in the baking game with mittens in one hand and her bottomless mug of mulled wine in the other. Pick some recipes and move the party into the kitchen!