August / by Ben and YT


What's that? The breeze! It has finally come along as we approached the end of summer in +852. It's a relief, but also a pity how little we've made use of the fact that we live within 5 minutes radius to a waterfall and a beach. Instead, we've been crouching indoors, watching endless videos while blasting air-conditioning. Hence, the great list of things you should check out via the World Wide Web, here we go. 

  • American-French model living in LA talking about wellness. That's a loaded sentence. However, everything was made endearing with Camille Rowe's genuineness and her little snort whenever she laughs. 
  • Just as we were discussing on adding some edgyness to all these pastels on our blog, Awkwafina happened to us. We are not complaining. FYI she is cast in the upcoming Ocean's 8.  
  • And if you've already seen any of her videos, the puzzling and hilarious lyrics are most likely currently stuck in your head. Never mind that, Genius helps(App or )
  • Finally, if you're not happy with moo-milk, and almond milk is a bit too old school, well you might think oat milk is a bit too heavy, but have you tried flax milk? Creamy, light, smooth and surprisingly sweet. A nice alternative for coffee or tea.

And this month's playlist. Standard.