Book List #3 / by Ben and YT


The Science Fiction Omnibus
Selected & Introduced by Brian Aldiss

A collection of classic science fiction stories collected from the 40s to 60s. Though all 36 stories are categorized as sci-fi, they are incredibly diverse, as are their authors. You might recognize some household names like Asimov, Wells, Clarke and even - surprisingly so - Steinbeck. Rightly so, since the stories transcend hypothetical science, digging deep into philosophical ideas, existentialism, social and moral issues, creator-creation complex, psychological torture, manipulation, religious dogmatism etc. Fun, right?
Some entries dabble in noir, some in horror, others bring comedy to the forefront, while one of the stories decides to throw the notion of plot out the window and offer the reader a surrealistic mindf*ck.

pages 616   /   pause & reflect   /   pick a favourite


by Jeff VanderMeer

This is one of few books, that both of us have read and it is easily the most gripping, haunting and atmospheric that our fingers clutched onto. Narrated by an unreliable explorer surrounded by a jungle of seemingly unnatural nature. It evokes admiration and wonder mixed with a whole lot of WTF. The themes clash with juxtoposed ideas, familarity vs alien, truth vs fiction, reason vs the unexplained. There is no comparison to any thing we've read before, except, Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse, matching it in tone and theme such as portraying decay. 

pages 195   /   bio-sci-fi-stream-of-consciousness-ess   /   Alex Garland

Do / Story How to tell your story so the world would listens
by Bobette Buster

I picked this book up purely out of insecurity. The cliché of saying 'Anyone can write' is often a vague encouragement, running the risk of degrading the craft that goes into it. Bobette Buster, story consultant, lecturer and screenwritter who works with big names ( Pixar, Disney, to name a few), is here to show everyone the ropes. If you want to be creative with writing, start with the principles. For any creative endeavor, you need to think outside the box. But first, you need a box. This book is the box. 

pages 109   /   Dummies' guide to   /   Comes with exercises and homework


Raw Vegan Not Gross
by Laura Miller

I have mentioned Laura to a lot of people, in many occassions, multiple times. Yes, I am obsessed with her. Since we found her enchanting videos on how to make vegan food without it tasting like cardboard, we are more adventurous in our weekly food shopping and giving plants their leading role on our dinner plate. The book is a colorful celebration of corny puns and peachy selfies of Laura with her vegetable friends. 

pages 215   /   Quirky   /   Eat well, feel good, believe in the world