His and Hers #2 Cheers / by Ben and YT

We celebrated our 4 years of coupledom this week, so what better reason could we have to lavish in the smooth and vibrant colours of appetising cocktails. Even though the two of us are pretty similar in almost everything including tastes and interests, there are 3 significant areas where we differ:

1. our opinions about Craig David
2. the amount of body hair we have
3. the type of cocktails we like

Let's talk about the first two some other time, and quickly move on to the crème de la crème. Our recent visits to casually inebriate ourselves got us talking about what we really like from all the alcoholic goodness HK bars have to offer.


Oozing warm, subtle browns and reds, filling up her heavy bottomed glass with a cheesy sunset landscape. 

Bitter, heavy and smoother than Marvin Gaye's vocal chords. Lingering notes.

A simple, classic (maybe even aged) Negroni.
Speaking of aged...   Old Fashioned.


Toned down, muted colours of all kind. Like a sad rainbow.

A bit more than just sweet and sour, but that's a good start. Creamy, fragrant and occasionally spiced. 

Aviation, a newly discovered oldy.
Grandma meets James Bond, Earl Grey Martini.

Places to get your fancy on:

Artesian, Langham Hotel
Cafe Gray Deluxe, Upper House
The Continental, Pacific Place
Fish & Meat, Central