How to find new music / by YT

  • KEXP / NPR Tiny Desk Concert

    Both these shows are produced in high sound quality and hosted by experienced show hosts. We are mostly drawn to KEXP for its vast varieties, other times we enjoy awesome acoustic sets on NPR. We are big fans of Cheryl Waters, who knows how to get the best out of the artists through heartfelt compliments and thoughtful questions; and DJ Chilly, who often brings some saucy Latino flavour to his shows.
    Here are some links to start off with: Lucius with Cheryl | Boogarins with DJ Chilly | Lianne La Havas NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
  • Movies / Series

    The whole point of this, is a set up for me to talk about the whimsical world of Wes Anderson's movies (Jokes! But seriously...). Apart from the obvious geniusness of Alexandre Desplat, cinematic releases aren't the only medium featuring quality soundtracks. TV these days are also upping their game. Compared to YT's shamefully overplayed O.C. theme song, today's tv music plays a key role in bringing colour to a particular series' theme.
    Great examples: Fargo Season Two O.S.T. | The Guest O.S.T. | The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou by Seu Jorge
 Fargo Season 2 

Fargo Season 2 

  • Spotify

    Ahhhh.... Spotify! Where else would you go to look for music than the possibly most popular online music service ever? But as we already know, With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility. And naturally, whatever's popular and as a result, often generic gets the headlines, even on Spotify. However, if you manage to look past all the ex-Disney stars and euro-trash then you can find some incredible tracks, playlists and artists.
    Case and point: Gilles Peterson Worldwide Music
  • What's in my bag by Amoeba

    This is a brilliant little web series that takes finding new music to another level. Watch as your favourites artists talk about their favourite artists. Artisception! It does so much more then clicking on a 'related artist' button on a music service. Not just experienced musicians, but also creative individuals talk about who inspires them, often telling stories about what they listened to when they started their band, or when they were at school, as well as mentioning new artists that they are intrigued or obsessed about.
    Few of many surprising faces: Michael Shannon (pay attention to his socks!) | The Internet | Toro y Moi
 Hi Chaz. 

Hi Chaz. 

  • Bandcamp

    In a way, Bandcamp fills in all the requirements for everything we can't do or get on Spotify or iTunes. Notably, finding and purchasing music from independent, lesser known artists / bands. It excels at providing full streamed albums, EPs, songs online; an interactive browsing experience aptly categorised by genres, sub-genres and sub-sub-genres. Lastly, one of the more hopeful and bright sides of the treacherous internet comments section is how every single contribution from Bandcamp users seem to be oozing with compliments and recommendations. We're in the process of expanding our bleak-looking collection so check that out and more: Francolin | King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard | Into the Fort


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