Into the list: Europe 2016 / by Ben and YT


Three more sleeps till we fly out to London, Munich and Budapest! It took me quite a bit of effort figuring out all the flights, hotels, bits and bobs for our families and ourselves. To all the secretaries and personal assistants out there, I salute you. I tried to do your job with class and it was not easy. 

There are many things to be excited about:

A) We are back in London after 2 and half years.
B) Neither of us have ever been to Munich.
C) Ben hasn’t been back in Hungary for 4 years / YT has never been.
D) We will be meeting up with old friends as well as family. 

If we were to imagine a scale of these three cities, measuring them purely by our knowledge and experiences, England’s capital would sit comfortably on the top glowing in nostalgic memories of schooling, work experiences and lasting connections made. Munich, as you can see below, would only appear as a hazy fog of stereotypes and not so educated guesses. Unsurprisingly, we know nothing about Munich. Ah and Budapest. The Hungarian capital falls awkwardly in the middle, tainted by Ben's childhood experiences and revered by YT’s optimism. 


There are various reasons why we share conflicted feelings about this sizeable metropolis. Having still been in primary school whenever I visited my capital, my inexperienced eyes saw nothing that piqued my interest. The streets and buildings just seemed bland and grey, almost dirty compared to my picturesque though considerably smaller hometown. 

Fortunately, over the past few years, through research and word-of-mouth, YT gathered enough information to convince me that Budapest is not as uninteresting as I may see it. Local creative start ups and young enterprises mixed with century old architecture and culture offers an experience that is somewhat unique to European capitals.

Monocle podcast / Cool Airbnb no.1  / Cool Airbnb no.2 / Cool Airbnb no.3 / Our friend partied here (I think)

Therefore, we decided to not over-research on where to go / what to see when we’re in Germany and Hungary. So that when we do stumble upon something we like, the spontaneity of it makes it all the more precious. However, with London, there is so much to reminisce on...

This summer:
 David Shirley for Sketchexhibitions at Tate Modern, Tate Britain

Nordic Bakery / Violet Bakery/ Labor and Wait / Vintage shopping / Magma 

I wonder:
After reading this Mashable post, we are intrigued to check out The Gentrified Peckham.. Perhaps to catch our friend Steph and her crew, Born n Bread, dj-ing if we find the secret location, that is. 

(Backstory) My mum picked out Food for Thought from all the restaurants I took her to in 2012, and said we need to revisit for definite. Sadly, FFT closed its door after 40 years of serving vegetarian food and we are on the search for another great canteen style restaurant. 

Ottolenghi  / Moro / Bocca di Lupa / Recommendations? 

That's it for now. Will keep y'all posted on instagram with fun findings as we go, stay curious x