July / by Ben and YT

Holiday in Europe treated us well, so naturally we’re back in HK with tanner skins, rounder bellies and a whole lot more to talk about than before. Once we get our heads straight and stop having midnight snacks due to jet lag, we’ll have posts up as soon as possible. Until then, here are some bits and bobs from this past month, mostly from our Tour de Fort trip.

  • We’re not getting paid for this endorsement but who cares? If you happen to be in the Hungarian capital, check in to Hotel Zenit, our favourite from the whole trip.
  • YT was particularly giddy when her Americano came with Oatly milk, making her coffee just a tad bit more breakfast-y.
  • Meanwhile, Ben was chowing down on apple, poppyseed, túró and sour cherry rétes at the Ruszwurm Patisserie, ever expanding his gut.
  • This Lojel Suitcase was a nifty little aide that followed YT around like a loyal pet. Sturdy, practical and spacious.
  • Google Maps is always handy during travel but Ben only just realised that you can download full city maps to be used when offline. Thanks Google!

Finally, our July playlist that turned out surprisingly mellow for a summer mixtape.

Hey, if it’s not cool enough, you always have the Prince