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Recently, a friend bought us Noritake san's notebooks as souvenir, and we instantly join this fandom that is taking over Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  We want this, this and this.

Can peopler tell sex toys and kitchen gadgets apart? Yup, you read it right the first time. Boy were we hesitant to share this, but like one of the participants said in the video 'God, I've got so much life left to live, I don't know anything..' 

Kasteel Cuvée Du Chateau
*Beer Advocate*

This month, we had to add a beer review / recommendation, and by 'we' had to... it means 'Ben' had to! Because HOLY MOTHER OF DRAGONS, is this beer good! Not even a question mark, because, of course, you don't need one! The beverage mentioned is the Kasteel Cuvée Du Chateau Quadruple which travelled all the way from Belgium to end up in my ever increasing stomach.

Look:    A gorgeous matt black with a dark amber glaze. 
Smell:   Caramelly goodness!
Taste:   Surprisingly fruity, undercut with a hefty sweetness (almost sticky) with lingering bitterness. 
Feel:      Make no mistake it is as heavy as beers get. Full body, and that 11% really comes through. 
Overall: Save it for dessert. Have fun with it for a good 30 mins. Don't rush it. Just let it happen!

4.5 / 5

Simon & Martina
*click click*
Super kawaii and quirky power couple who vlog, blog and talk a lot and eat even more. They have lived in and explored South Korea for a good 7 years and now they're taking over Japan. So naturally, their lifestyle and conversations intrigued us, as we share somewhat similar interests. Materials on their channel include a variety of forms and topics, such as: deconstructing social and cultural differences, food porn, personal day to day life, and often just plain weirdness. 

As it has become a monthly staple, here's our 11 songs for the beginning of summer.