Manifesto / by Ben and YT


After two massive hauls of books and comics, we've finally found the niche we want to be in. We would like to take a book-ish and nerd-ish approach to lifestyle blogging.

We took a bit of time to prune and extract from all the posts we've published, cherry-picked a few topics we enjoy writing and made plans for them. We look forward to share more reviews, quirky info graphics and borderline-hipster lifestyle posts with you, our loyal readers. 

To kick all these off, hear us preach in the form of a manifesto! 

  1. The best way to fight whatever you dislike, is to do the things you like. 
  2. To acquire knowledge is the best way to combat ignorance (or fascism, I guess). 
  3. Stay curious.
  4. Be passionate about knowing things. 
  5. Be deeply uncomfortable sometimes.