May / by Ben and YT



As seen before in our April summary, here's a handful of things that we loved this month. Let us know if you do, too. Fair warning, they're a mixed bunch with one or two examples of explicit language.

Mukbang by Munchies
A lovely piece of video journalism, exploring the wacky underbelly of food broadcasters with a light, heartfelt tone to it. (don't miss out the unearthly soundtrack) 

Puns by The Allusionist
Short and quippy, this podcast is British to the bone. Now you can be a grammar nazi and be proud of it.

Gone Insane by Lucius
Best music video we've seen this month!

Squad Fried Chicken by Matty Matheson
Hilarious and a surprisingly sweet guy, he stole our hearts with Keep it Canada. Since then, we always look forward to Matty's new videos.

The Night Volume by Another Escape
This was one of few entertainment Ben had while being cooped up in a hospital bed. Time well spent.

It was challenging to pick just one song from each artist but we're pleased with the outcome. YT described it as having a vibe perfect for summer evenings, and since June is around the corner, it's quite fitting. Enjoy.