His and Hers #3 Notebooks


So it turns out we're both shameless hoarders of notebooks. A5 or B5, lined or plain, dotted or squared, over the past decade we have accumulated a collection of bound papers for a variety of uses. Some of these exist to seem like we lead an organized life; some hold endless pages filled with emotional toil or joy; and some are just there to be scribbled in.

Here are our newest additions to our library:



1. The 'Everything' Book
Sketches, ideas, lists, diagrams, quotes etc. Found permanent residence in my everyday bag. 

2. Work Book
Surprisingly similar to the previous entry in both its chaotic look and practical usage. Just different context.

3. Audio Notes
Keeps track of my hobby by encasing a glossary of important and detailed info collected from lengthy research.

4. Beer Journal
One of, if not, THE best birthday presents I've ever gotten. It does exactly what it says in the title. Notes. On beer.



1. The Bullet Journal
To-do list and many other lists in specific analog system. Can't live without. To be continued in another post. 

2. Morning Pages
Writings in stream of consciousness in the morning, aka rant. Considering turning it into dream journal instead. 

3. Sketch Book
Sketches, writing about creativity, journaling. Dumpster for visual ideas or doodles.