Reviews: Headspace / by YT

“Dreamy Andy from Headspace… Call me.” It’s so easy to miss this cheeky statement made by Camille Rowe while she was summing up web series “What on earth is Wellness?”.  I didn’t, because I know what she’s on about. I listened to Andy’s voice everyday for the past 10 days, must admit, he is quite the soothing kind. 

Headspace is a trainer for your mind, like a brain gym. Essentially, it’s a platform that provides guided meditation. As you go along, it also provides you with reasons to pause amid your busy daily life. 

The simplistic animations prove to be the perfect way to illustrate the philosophy behind it. Every two days there will be an animation explaining an idea or an exercise through straightforward metaphor. These little details really help paint a picture in your mind as you go along. 

10 minutes, that's all it takes. It felt awkward the first few times, consciously making the decision to meditate, in the middle of the day. Once it becomes part of my routine and remembering the calming effect afterwards, the initial cringes fizzle out in an instant. 


Speaking of building routines, it was encouraged by these books: Manage your day-to-day / Making Ideas Happen, for all those who would like to maximise their productivity nailing some kind of regiment down. I tried starting my work-from-home routine by blowing off some steam in cross-legged position, meditating. If anything, it helped me let go of negative moods and start a new chapter in my day on a blank canvas. 

Last words: 
Just try it for yourself. The last thing you need to worry about is it being spiritual. Headspace is working hard at cleaning up the image of meditation and while they are at it, they are building brilliant experiences backed up by studies and research. 

Not spiritual enough? Wrap it up with a prayer or a chant of your choice after the 10 minutes, there really is no right or wrong way of doing it.