What we did this weekend #1 / by YT

We got tickets to see an acrobatic act <EXTRÊMITÉS> for this year’s French May and got our friends James and Nuria to tag along. It was a great show with humorous improvisations, heart attacks and sexy french accents. After the show, there was this slightly awkward q&a session with the actors/creators. It was awkward because the set up was formal but you could tell the Extremite guys are super chill, sitting on stage floor instead of the chairs set out for them, down for some chit-chatting. We get to know how they have down-sized, personal experience from some of the members and some humane elements in their acts. Great night out, sans Sauvignon.

We had such a good time, we completely forgot to record it! That’s how good our company were 😉. Our friend came to Mui Wo with some picnic goodies ( including an epic picnic basket! ), we then devoured everything on the beach and washed it down with multiple cans of beer. Later that evening, we got some serious burger action going at High Street Grill and played a short game of monopoly before ending the night with running for our 00:30 ferry. #standard

Both our regular day off. We usually laze around at home reading, catching up with Youtube subscriptions and maybe do some housework.. just maybe. When we finally feel the need to go out, we walk less than a mile to the shops to get our groceries then back to lazing around till dinner. Something different this week, was that I received my iHerb order( a website I have mentioned in Part-time Vegan) on time! So we picked it up at my work place, which was also on the same street as all the other shop at Mui Wo. Well, that's as exciting as it gets. Ha.