Reviews: Bullet Journal / by YT

What is a Bullet Journal?
It’s a customisable analog system using keys and layouts to create a personalised planner. You can create a bullet journal with whatever you’ve got in your unused notebook drawer (we all got one of those, right? right.), and you can make lists, set goals and pretty much do whatever you want with it. 

There’s a video that explains everything on Bullet Journal’s website, with layouts and keys to help you kick start your own. 

Verdict (might as well start with it.)
It’s a thumbs up / Yes / Yes-go / Tick. I am not sure how people give verdicts, but that’s my way of telling you that I like it. If writing things down on paper is your kind of thing too, then Bullet Journal is definitely your friend. 

There are probably plenty of apps doing the same thing BJ does. However, undeniable magic happens when things get written down on paper, especially in a way that convenience none other but you. For me personally, I feel more compelled to accomplish tasks when they are jotted on dotted papers. 

Although, not everything's smooth to begin with. It took me a lot of Tippex and ripped pages to figure out some functional layouts, as well as some obsessive-compulsive designs. Once you got those down, everything else is easy. 

Hot Tips

All or Nothing
Instead of flipping through 10 different notebooks set out for different purposes, rest assured, whatever that you are looking for has to be in your Bullet Journal with a page number on it. Run whichever finger through the index, turn to page and look for the keys, Voilà. 

"Good design is as little design as possible."
Amen, Dieter Rams. By keeping the journal simple, it's aesthetically stunning as well as functional to read and follow. With that in mind, I try to only write in it with the same black pen, and alter the palette as little as possible. The keyword here is 'in one glance'. 

Find your Groove
...and own it. It's customisable and personalised to begin with, so feel free to ditch / add things to it as it goes. I now only use the cross symbols out of all the keys mentioned in the Bullet journal guide on their website, ditched the monthly to-do list, log my working hours and track my reading habit in the same journal. 

There are certainly some cons apart from all these rosy comments. The obvious one will be that it's hard to plan 1 or 2 months ahead when the layout isn't even there yet, but it is not a flaw a post-it can't handle. Despite its short-coming, I still find it a great idea worth sharing and most of all it's a great asset to have that doesn't cost you a penny.