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I am setting myself a challenge. I will create content every single day for 30 days, and here's why and what landed me on this decision. There are two parts to this story. 

Part 1

On top of my desk, there is this line of motivational books. Every time I looked up, there they are waving back at me. In theory, they are token books on productivity. Truth is, I have only read 30% of them. I know. What a fraud. 

For research purposes, I picked up yesterday. On the ferry, I was struck by lightening of revelation:

If you're producing just one page, one blog post, or one sketch a week, you expect it to be pretty darned good, and you start to fret about quality. (ME.) I knew a writer who could hardly bring herself to write. When she did manage to keep herself on front of her laptop for a spate of work, she felt enormous pressure to be brilliant; (ME!) she evaluated the product of each work session with an uneasy and highly critical eye. (Guess what. ME!) She hadn't done much work, so what she did accomplish had to be extraordinarily good. (Agh. ME!)

The author of the article went on and says because he writes everyday, no one day's work seems particularly important. He has good days and bad days. Even on days when he doesn't get much done, he is okay with it knowing he is being consistent with work. It puts him in a more playful frame of mind and allows him to experiment and take risk. 

I want to get there. No fretting. No guilt-trapping. Most of all, not giving a _________.

As he moves on to talk about frequency in producing work. He gave examples of artist, illustrators setting themselves small projects, like, a 24-hours comic, a week of something something. It also reminds me of people doing vlogmas on Youtube. 

And that's how I thought of the challenge to create content for 30 consecutive days. 


Manage your Day-to-day:
Build your routine, find your focus and sharpen your creative mind.
Edited by Jocelyn K. Glei


Harnessing the power of frequency
Gretchen Rubin

Part 2

Originally I was gonna start the challenge on 1 June, thinking that it will be great to end it while I travel during summer. However, I found myself getting excited about the challenge  and I don't want to loose the motivation to start. So since the whole point is to let loose and do whatever, why not start it today? 

And, so it begins!