Not buying clothes for a whole year / by YT

As the alarm went off, I reached for my phone and started scrolling through Instagram. It is Saturday after all. No one needs to be healthy habits nazi here. Popped up on my feed a sponsored post by a clothing brand, promoting their sale. Went to their website, see and like a few pieces there. It's been a couple of hours, I caught myself thinking about those pieces again and again, feeling an urgency to purchase them before they are gone. There's no real rush, apart from that Instagram caption nudging my way into spending money on them.

I haven't bought a single garment for a whole year. The last piece of clothing I bought was a sweatshirt from Zara. Between then and now, I have sold clothes at flea market, pack away shoes and accessories for donation. Still, I have plenty to pick from in my closet. 

Do I really need more clothes? Why does clothes matter? (A philosphical answer by School of Life) On top of all those questions, I also watched The True Cost, a documentary on fast fashion. How much does a HKD 39.99 tee actually cost our planet and humanity? It got me thinking hard about clothes, often we are not thinking hard enough about clothes. 

Without being too preachy ( and making sure to meet my 30 days challenge deadline ), I will show you what I did in order to help me decide whether I need more clothes:

A contact sheet of all my summer clothes...

Yup. Too much time on my hands. 

I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I am glad I did it. It makes analysing and planning much easier. For instance, I can stop getting clothes in grey and blue. Perhaps, an additional summer dress would be grand, or maybe a tad bit more colour. If you don't want to go through the faff of creating your own contact sheet, there are blogs which provides you with worksheets/grids/forms to start a capsule wardrobe. Namely Unfancy, Into Mind ($), Cladwell ($) or search the crap out of Pinterest to find one that suits your fancy. You are more than welcome to check out a review I wrote a year ago for some useful pointers on capsule wardrobe. (click click)  

Introducing slow fashion into my closet

For a year I've been practicing slow fashion by holding my breath aka not consuming. I guess it's time to breathe out and stretch (my wallet)... While I was doing my research on ethical brands, I came across an awesome addition to the slow fashion game, an app called Good On You  

I would have loved to carry on ranting, but since A) this post is getting too long B) Its al most midnight in Hong Kong C) We have 28 more days of content to tackle, I might as well save it for another day.