Stay Home: Breakables / by YT


Throwback to last week when it was sunny. I barely have to edit these photos, can you believe it?!

We have been categorising our home decor style in hope of giving you some inspiration. Last time we shared YT's fascination for stuff toys and how we litter our collection all over our flat. This time we would like to show you our growing ceramic collection. 

It took us some time to get on board with the idea since we both have buttery fingers.. There isn't any breakage so far *TOUCH WOOD* it's quite a miracle..

Forrest spirit tea light lamp by Studio Arhoj. 

Snowman vase,  recycled sake bottle.


Platter plate by my friend Fatima who runs The Little Egret Studio in Mui Wo.  


Assorted Japanese style saucers.  

The two on the right bought from Xiao Qi, Taipei.

Lower left, from Kyoto. 


Mug brought all the way from Kyoto by our friend Jamie. Thanks mate!


*Bonus*  Picture of the beautiful light peeking through our window :)