Train of thoughts / by YT


Leading up to what I have to say in this post, below are things I've watched, heard and processed within the same night. Before, during and after dinner. 

While making Guac, Ben was catching up on his Next Gen series, and proceeded to introduce me to Data's character. An android who aspires to be human and who in Season 3 successfully creates his "Offspring", another android who surpasses him by developing human emotions and ultimately breaks down because of her inability to fully comprehend and deal with concepts like fear, separation and love.

That sounds like something we humans have to deal with frequently. 

Then in the middle of gorging ourselves on a lamb-buckwheat wrap, we enjoyed our episodic analysis of one of our favourite shows.

Watch it if you have time but long story short: Change is futile.

And finally, post-face-stuffing we collapsed on the couch to finish with a bit of a downer but a beautiful piece of writing nonetheless

It takes an honest reflection on how certain people experience depression. 

As auto-play carried onto the next episode of People Watching, I made a little mental summary of all the episodes so far: There is always hope. We all survive those yucky feelings without breaking down thanks to our instinct to hope. Androids cannot possibly work it out for it is not logical. 

Hope is illogical. 

To put faith in the unforeseen possibilities, takes imagination. It's beyond works of rationale. That's exactly what makes human human, not robots. We live to see past adversities. We live to see more victories in life unfold as we place bets on our future. 

Big thoughts I know. Hope it's not too sappy.