5 questions with... Berayah / by YT


Without stealing the thunder, let's have Enoch Ho, founder of Berayah dive right in, sharing with us the thoughtful and meticulous way these garments are made.  

Tell us a little bit about the name Berayah.
Berayah is a Hebraic transliteration meaning "God has created", it's a reminder that oftentimes creativity doesn't come from within, but is a gift given to us. Berayah aims to create clothing through poetic and practical minimalism; our main Berayah collections seek to tell stories via modern womenswear, whereas our second line BY Berayah employs practical design philosophies into making everyday items. 

What decisions are made during the design process? 
We're passionate about good design, applying design philosophies to create clothing that flatters the wearer. We consider things such as pointed armhole, angles and proportions, seam placements and silhouettes, all in order to create more visually flattering clothes for the body. With our new line BY Berayah, we wanted to create more informed customers, and to do this we created infographics that explains all the design choices we make within a garment, so even the everyday person can learn to understand design philosophies we employ, e.g. why we make pointed armholes and how the length and silhouette or even placement of pleats can help visually elongate the body (see below images).


Who makes these beautiful garments? 
We're quite hands-on with our product, starting with design, then draping and pattern-cutting in-house in order to ensure we achieve the best proportions, angles and cuts. We mostly source from local shops and sometimes import fabrics from Japan, and we work with small manufacturers/suppliers both in Hong Kong and China. We strive to find the most minimal/clean methods of finishing garments, so they match our minimal aesthetics.

Any common theme in your work? We aim to make clothes that, though they carry some form of story-telling, are suitable for everyday wear, so there's always a practical element to it. Almost everything we make has pockets in them, because well, who doesn't love pockets? I especially love this piece from our AW17 collection where the cut essentially came from the floor plan of a building by Tadao Ando called the Church of Light, but re-interpreted into a dress; it combines story, aesthetics and practicality.

Are you doing anything special this Christmas?
We're running a Christmas initiative for our Refugees and Asylum seekers of Hong Kong (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogIwo7q3poI). From the online shop we have our SS18 Pre-Order, our BY Berayah products, with new batch of tote bags arriving including some limited edition pieces, and we'll be doing a Christmas sample sale with some of our one-of-a-kind pieces. There's a lot going on, so keep tabs on our online shop (www.berayah.com/shop) and social media for our updates. Our AW17 collection and BY Berayah products are also available at the excellent local select shop Kapok.