5 questions with... Delightfully Green / by YT

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To kick things off, let's start with something unmistakably green, it's even in the name of this web-shop, Delightfully Green! We sat down with founder Karen to talk about what goes on in the shop and the goal she is marching towards. 

Is there any special meaning behind the name Delightfully Green?
Naming our organisation Delightfully Green with the hope of us delivering waste-free products in a positive way and encouraging our friends to start practising zero waste delightfully.

 The jaw-dropping quality of laundry berries: throw in laundry with them in washer, compost afterwards.  

The jaw-dropping quality of laundry berries: throw in laundry with them in washer, compost afterwards.  

What are your passions? 
We are passionate about products that are environmentally friendly, healthy, and easy on our wallet. I wish to share to more citizens of what I am doing to reduce waste and hope that will motivate them as well. I am always prepared to share with groups of students.

How can customers help with this zero waste cause you are so passionate about?
By getting feedback from our customers helps us to determine how good/ bad the products we carried or any difficulties/ challenge they might have (from there, I can give them suggestions—For example, more on using the menstrual cup, etc.)


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What makes a product ‘tick' for you?
Plastic-free and biodegradable packaging. I like to support HK brands like Coconut Matter, The Bucket (stainless steel straws), The Flour Bread Bag, The Papershades, The Chief Project or any handmade (upcycled) items from Hong Kong. All products are tested by me and my family, only the ones we like made it to the online-shop!

Lastly, the question that's most relevant to Christmas: Is there a gift-wrap option at check-out? 
I usually use recycled paper and had my son’s doodle on one side to do my gift-wrap or I reuse nice wrapping paper I received with gifts or some nice magazine paper. Plus I refuse to use plastic tape.  This year, I have made a little zero waste guide sharing what I am doing and hoping more people will join me reducing waste. 

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I appreciate Delightfully Green so much for opening up about her experience in zero waste! Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram, where Karen posts some of the behind-the-scenes and insights on all the product she and her family have tried out. Also, don't miss out on that zero waste guide that comes with your purchase!