Book List #4 / by YT

by Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba

A delicately illustrated and imaginative graphic novel dubbed as an ‘honest reflection on mortality’ by its own admission. Not much can be said about the plot without spoiling certain expositional and literary devices but simply put, it depicts life seen through a writer’s career, relationships, aspirations and dreams. It’s a quick read, though the haunting musings on grief and the gorgeous visuals deserve time to reflect on. Relatable, subtle, heart-wrenching and beautiful in all kinds of ways. Stays with you for weeks.

Pages 247    //   Pair it with a box of tissues   //   Mum and Dad on speed dial


The Dispossessed
by Ursula K. Le Guin

Science fiction is at its best when it contemplates on the human condition and uses an alternative, hypothetical future to dig into meaty questions like ethics, society, equality and other fun dinner party conversations. The Dispossessed does this swimmingly and it is at its best when the plot is on pause and the characters engage in such discussions, analyzing their own state of being and of those around them. It is intellectual, empathetic, grand and intimate all at the same time. Never shies away from complex problems and never giving you a straightforward, satisfactory answer, but instead challenges you to use the pink, spongy organ we all have in our head, and often use so little.

Pages 387     //   13+   //   Warning: Contains Socialism


by Jeff van der Meer

Part 2 of the gloriously creepy Southern Reach Trilogy and it brilliantly mimics its predecessor’s haunting atmosphere and mystery though in the most mundane of places. While the first book is set in a pristine and ‘not-quite-natural’ nature, Authority’s main character finds himself in a drab, dated workplace in a run-down building surrounded by eccentric staff, office politics and mountains of paperwork that may hold the answers to the unfathomable secrets of Area X. It’s unorthodox in its approach in taking a micro look at details, instead of outlining the story, frustrating at first but it’s all the better for it. It’s fresh, mind-bending and genre defying.

Pages 340    //   What? More mysteries you say?   //  Avoid attics



在資訊爆炸的時代,閱讀還有價值嘛?日本語言大師,文學專家為解讀一些大家對閱讀的迷思: 精讀,慢讀已經不是王道?!他所提出的亂讀術,力倡書與讀者的自然循環,讓閱讀習慣自然衍生。過份追祟經典,強迫性閱讀或閱讀範圍太狹窄,各類閱讀奇難雜症,大師一一為大家診斷。

206 頁 // 自我感覺良好 恩物 // ええ~ (感嘆)