Feburary Debrief / by YT

  • Due to changing schedules, Ben is in charge of dinner more often these days. Creative, though shy, he whips up some pretty darn good dishes (4 out of 7 times, great progress nonetheless). This healthy-ish Mac'n'cheese is a highlight! Opting for creamy mashed butternut squash, instead of full fat heart-attack.
  • Louis Theroux Homage Tee. WANT.
  • Hong Kong public estate themed hot pot restaurant. It's a thing. 
  • We are catching up on many shows, *coughBroadcity*, *coughFleabag*, *coughLegion*. On a side note, Ilana is now YT's most recent fashion consultant. Read this article to find out more. 
  • We miss Matty Matheson on Munchies, so Max Halley has to do for now. 
  • Our February's playlist turned out to be our weirdest one yet and possibly our most versatile one. We got everything from 70s psychedelic Japanese ballads to Malian folk-rock, with a nice hint of Norwegian electro-aria.