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 Bela Kolarova, Seekers of Lice I-II from Makeup Drawings 1976

Bela Kolarova, Seekers of Lice I-II from Makeup Drawings 1976

Recently, a small quibble occured between me and a compliment highly sought after by most women - Pretty. In short, I would take smart, out-spoken, passionate, even controversial as a compliment rather than pretty. Unlike feeling empowered by speaking out about my passion; propping myself to look pretty embarrasses me.. That doesn't necessarily lessen the beauty in big brown eyes (check), freckles (check) and curves (check), but are we willing to see past those in a woman? Does she worth our time to do so? 

There is no bad feminist.
Why is there so much pressure? To do everything perfectly? To prove your ideals to other women? To prove men wrong? You can do none of those and still be a kick-ass feminist. It is about having the choice to do things defied by the contraints, or not, it is about letting that 1 out of 10 women to succeed when they do get their hands on those things. 


We feel conflicted often enough, why make breast-feeding, loving women AND men, being a feminist while being confident, anymore complicated? You can be a feminist and have boobs. Having boobs and being sexy is part of being a woman, so is being smart, outspoken, frail, confident, shy, introverted, extroverted, etc.. Let's just put it that way, there are a lot of women and no two are the same. Therefore, it's futile to match up what feminism means to everyone. 


Feminism is a belief. That's when integrity comes into play. As long as she/he believes in equality and challenging society's perception, no matter what he/she does is an expression of these beliefs. And if they challenge your understanding of feminism, be open to others' experiences and understanding of the word. Everyone has their own take, just like how you take your morning cuppa. 

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