Gave up alcohol for 6 weeks / by YT

Drinking is my sport. It produces endorphins more so than any other activity. I delight in the process, it gives me sores the next day and will gladly do it again and again. See? Sport. It doesn't take a doctor or clean-eating-guru to figure out drinking is bad for your body. "Drink moderately" is the polite advice, however it's very subjective. 

喝酒對我而言是一項體育項目。過程中混身是勁,翌日喪屍一條。飲酒危害身體是眾所周知的,專業非專業人仕 都會禮貌地奉告一句:適可而止 啦。關鍵在於 適 ,可是 你 適 我未必 適 㗎啵,可斟酌的地方實在太多 ...

Drinking also creates this interesting dilemma in me, proud of my alcohol tolerance, also bragging about my drunkenness. It all depends on the social situation. To set the record straight, I am not an alcoholic. Still, it's safe to say I am an advocate for the art of giddy-drinking. If I am to give up something that would hurt, this would be it. So I did. For 6 weeks. 

在下正是一位充滿矛盾的 嗜酒人仕,既喜歡炫耀酒量,又樂於分享自己醉酒鬧事的威水史...(多視乎社交場合而訂) 我並非酗酒,但要限制自己完全不碰酒精,實在有一定難度。因此,我決定挑戰自己,六星期內,滴酒不沾。

What I did when not drinking (apart from begging for a sniff or swallow as I watch others drink):


Thinking about drinking
I started reflecting on my drinking patterns. Figuring out the when, where and with who, do I crave for a drink. It’s not as profound as I want it to be, yet it comforts me to learn that I still enjoy myself without washing any awkwardness down with booze. 


People are more understanding than you think
Comes with learning to say “No, thanks”, I also discover that people are genuinely okay with whatever you do. Half expecting a pat on my back, or.. being teased at (which clearly no one will do that, unless that person is known for being a dick), I was most encouraged AND humbled by a friend sharing her story on quitting smoking. 

學懂說不 ,與其婆媽妞拎地婉拒,其實講清楚事情的由來,身邊的人比想像中支持及理解。朋友更以自己戒煙經歷鼓勵我,相比之下這次戒酒實在小兒科。

Drinks are expensive
That goes without saying. However, during my fast I realised I will still gladly spend that amount of money for craftsmanship and knowledge that goes into my drinks… so instead of my alcohol consumption, it’s my finance that I need to watch out for. 



If you are looking into challenge yourself with anything, I ensure you, it will be worth it. Here are some tips I have come up with according to experience:  


1. Start spontaneously
There is no need to pick a date or get yourself prepped. If anything, that will just give you time to make up excuses and delay it. Full disclosure: I started Lent a week late, I could have said to myself ‘Well, it’s not official anymore since I didn’t start with everyone else’ and just drop the ball right there, instead I drop the drinks menu and do it anyway. Start right the way, ambush your second-thought.


2. Be confident about changes
It can be unnerving going against the grain, since most social occasion comes hand in hand with drinks. Hang out with your squad, with those who understands you. It doesn’t hurt to drop some truth bombs either. Worse comes to worst, joke about it. I joked about being pregnant just for funnsies. You might fee intimidated the first time, but after a few more round interrogation, you willnaturally become more confident in sharing why are you doing what you are doing.

為自己感到自豪是非常有效的強心針。如果有人質疑你的恆心或耐力,不妨告知對方你作此舉動的目的,同時為自己打打氣 ,努力向目標前進。

3. Have fun with it
"Drinks menu tends to go: LIQUOR LIQUOR Liquor Liquor Liquor Wine More wine Craft Beer Soda water and other stuff” as Julia Bainbridge puts in this article . Hong Kong is still new to the whole mocktail game. I have had many Gunners just because there is little non-alcoholic choices. I found myself craving for that ferment taste in beer, so Kombucha fits the taste profile perfectly. When the world gives you lime soda, jazz it up with fermentation or whatever to suit your fancy. Treat it as a creative project instead of tolerance test, that way you are more likely to commit and have fun!

享受箇中過程非常重要。這段期間為替代那味覺對啤酒的記憶,發掘市面上 更多茶醋。味覺版圖不斷廷伸,過癮,過癮!