10 Current Favourite Podcasts / by Ben and YT


10 Current Favourite Podcasts 

Ouch: Disability Talk

Apart from the adorable title, this podcast excels in being honest and unashamed. True, some episodes might be a bit heavy though it always provides to be informative and knowledgeable,  inspiring both those with and without disabilities to raise awareness and understand that it's okay to talk about things that you don't always want to address.  

Soundtracking with Edith Bowman

There are a lot of podcasts out there about music, and a whole heap about film, but this one combines both and does it expertly. Edith Bowman ensures that all aspects of the industry are covered with help from a wide array of guests, ranging from directors, producers, sound engineers and, of course, composers. Best of all, anytime a piece of music is mentioned, they include an immediate excerpt. 

That Classical podcast

Two best friends sit together every week to talk about classical music and make awesome jingles for the podcast. That's how I imagine it got started. Their animated ways of going about composers' bio, background stories of pieces, fan away cloud of intimidation that sometimes associated with the genre. May we also recommend following them on Facebook, for hilarious memes and videos.  For starter, try out the Sword Fight and Magic Cake episode. 

The Infinite Monkey Cage

Robin Ince, Prof. Brian Cox and their weekly guests of mathematicians, comedians, writers, scientists and all forms of experts discuss anything and everything about our world. Theoretical physics, space travel, Christmas, plants, sex, comics and of course the mortality (or immortality) of a strawberry (Series 8, Episode 1 of 6, What is Death?). 


The Squanch

Fans of plumbuses, rejoice! This one comes from the team over at Wisecrack who specialise in dissecting often nerdy and cultish tv series and movies with a hefty amount of philosophy and literature included. They do a sort of loose discussion and analysis of every new episode from the gloriously complex and vile adult cartoon, Rick and Morty. And if you've never heard of that, make sure to give it a try! Wubba lubba dub dub! 


Call your Girlfriend

You are not wrong to think of Robyn, which also happens to be this podcast's theme song. A podcast for long distance besties everywhere. Talking about all things women everywhere are interested in and should be interested in. Whenever you need someone to verbally moan about issues concerning female pride, you can count on the two intelligent hosts Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman. Recent favorite episodes are Episode 109: Pelvic PowerEpisode 92: Spring Book Break


By the books

Ever wonder if self-help books do what they claim to? Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer put best-sellers to the test. Like the bio of the show says, it's 'half reality show, half self-help podcast'. Every episode includes recordings of the hosts (and their respective partners) living by the books for two weeks and breaking down whether the experience is life-changing. There is an episode on the much hyped The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and my personal favorite on French Women Don't Get Fat.  


Talking in Circles

By the beautiful, quirky, introverted Laura Miller. After the success of her vegan recipe videos, Laura shares something more personal with her new found audiences. Whether they are her stories or her friends' experiences, this podcast will make you feel things. Make a tea, hug a pillow and enjoy the ride.


20 000 Hertz

This one is a bit more unique. It is safe to say that it picks a very niche topic and after a hefty amount of research, it meticulously analyzes it. So I guess in one word: nerdy. However, it is so much more as it delves into the world of sound and all it encompasses. It is surprising, curious and often playful as it explores one of the 5 human senses. Needless to say, the medium of podcasting is the perfect method when it comes to sound. 


Led by prodigy Tavi Gevinson, Rookie has so much to offer, teenagers have so much to offer. It is the curiosity, the honesty and the fascination about all things we thought we get it as an adult, but still got room to know more. Filled with wonderful interviews and heart warming conversations, Rookie podcast is a safe space to be unashamed of not getting our shit together and rekindling your teen spirit.