Stay Home: Muji Favourites / by YT


For those who are not familiar with MUJI it is a staple household brand for Japanese. Their products are designed to be simplistic, practical and thoughtful. Fun fact: my first ever book borrowed from university library was White by Kenya Hara, however it's been so long ago I forgot about most parts and I do not want to misquote any of their philosophy. I will just mention it there and then, and re-submit it to my To-read list. Based on this piece of history, it's safe to say I am a sucker for the brand.

Enamel tupperwear
Perfect for baking, roasting, storage, transporting, all in the same tray/box. We've made crumbles, banana cakes, roast veggies in it. It's also great for pickling since they are air-tight, lately we've been experimenting with sauerkraut and kimchi. 

These spatulas are shaped like any other spatulas. However the whole thing comes from one mould. With all the ones I used to have, the tops are often detachable hence often doesn't last long, but not this one and that makes it the absolute best. 

Sturdy storage boxes

These boxes in particular, are what drives me to write this post. There is something about the drive MUJI has in developing their products. These were designed after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011. These boxes have grid like reinforcement under the lid, that can hold immense weight; the bigger sizes boxes are able to hold infant 3 years old or under. They were designed to function as shelter, protecting children under debris in case of earthquake. (I read this information from an exhibition long time ago. I don't remember where exactly did I see it, therefore I avoided obvious figures... apologies!) We obviously don't fit in them and Hong Kong is not in the earthquake regions, but we are still chuffed with them for they make great stools as well as storage boxes. 

Cuckoo clock was a gift from my mum, it sounds off same amount of time as there are hours. It's just so darn cute. It is light sensitive, so no creepy cuckooing in the middle of the night! I believe the clock face was inspired by train station clocks. Ahh.. I am just obsessed with their design stories.. Let me know if you want to know more about design details from MUJI or other brands!