Stay home: Stuffed / by YT

We started off as a travel blog to realise we lack the resources (that is $$$ and annual leaves) to keep up. So we turn to what comes natural to us: make the most out of staying in. It's been 1.5 years since we got to Lantau Island, things in our flat has finally found their places. 

一開始從旅遊網誌,發現無錢無假無運氣,一路走來.. 決定把此處逐少地修葺 ,望能與大家分享更多家中作業和生活點滴。自搬到大嶼山年半以來,家中大大小小家具陳列總算塵埃落定...

With books, magazines (laundry, occasionally) lying around everywhere, we also let knick knacks roam free, this is what we meant by "found their places". We like to keep plush toys, pillows at reachable distance, wether for fiddling with or in case of urgent rush for hugs .. 

書本雜誌(偶然也有衣物) 散落一地, 零星的雜物隨處可見,這就是我們的收納方式。娃娃,布偶總有一隻在左近,隨時準備被摟緊..

While maintaining a somewhat minimal look, we try to slip in traces of quirkiness. We are extremely harsh on ourselves when it comes to picking the right plush. It has to speak for our interests (Moomins, Star Wars..) and fits the aesthetics of our place..

簡約之餘,我們同時決意保留具我倆個性的小玩意。 對於布偶篩選過程,我們審慎以待,它們必須跟我們嗜好有關 (姆明,星戰 等) 或跟我家簡約風相配得宜。 

In the end, it really comes down to keeping only things that bring us joy in our home (according Marie Kondo), and coming home to frolic with Hattifattener brings me immense joy! 

以 Marie Kondo (人氣收納顧問) 理念作結: 家𥚃只留帶給你快樂的物件。而每天晚上與樹精布偶相擁入睡帶正正給我無比的快樂!所以 布偶都理所當然的留著啊!