How to plan a trip with friends / by YT


...not only 'not fall out', but also get to know each other better.. is what I was trying to say. This is not a click-bait, though it might sound like one, like most posts titled 'How-to..'. This is a self-reflective piece on a last-minute city break with my school friend earlier this month. 

Destination: Taipei, Taiwan
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Last travelled together: From Melbourne to Sydney, 7 - 10 April, 2010


Plan around your intention
Our intention was literally to chill, so we did just that. Short flight, hotels at central location and walk around while catching up on life. Taking it easy and not over-crowd your itinerary is the key. If you absolutely want to nail some scheduling, set aside one day/ small part of your trip for that, like something along the line of a jewellery class or a wine tour. I did plan on making a trip to a hot spring, but my friend was not as keen as I was. It turned out to be just as good of a trip without soaking in our own sweat. 

Keep track of money
It's not a matter of stinginess, it's making room for generosity. So that it's not forced, nor awkward. We chipped in a sum of money every morning as Petty Cash to pay for food, tickets and transport. With shopping, if we didn't split bills on the spot for the sake of extra discount or gifts #Asian, we did so that evening. We still would buy little gifts or treat each other Taiwanese snacks throughout the trip, which still contribute to our quality time spending together. 

Make plans for meals
We learn this from experience on our first day.. we tried to gauge each others level of hunger. Because of that, we didn't have dinner until 10pm! We ended up having takeaways from street vendors in our hotel room. Nothing wrong with that, but we realised that we are not good at making spontaneous decision collectively while we are out-and-about.

The next day we picked a lunch spot and an area with restaurant options to arrive at around dinner time. It spared us from decision-making amongst many other occasion during the day.   


After 4 days of playing music while having number 2s in the hotel bathroom with very thin doors, we are still talking! If a friend puts up with your shit, he or she is a good friend indeed.