You are what you read #3 / by YT

Whether reading is a habit of yours or something you aspire to do more often, here are a few tips to take your reading experience further. 

 Bring a book everywhere you go
This might sound obvious, but how many times have you ditch your book because your bags is getting too heavy.. I am guilty.  Make sure your bag can physically hold a book/magazine, which has become a essential criteria when I am bag-shopping. Opt for paperback instead of hardcover is a way to go. Also, pick short books! There are a lot of great books out there which are short and not intimidating.

Our picks: Animal Farm | Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde | It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be Penguin | Little Black Classics series | The School of Life: How to series

Go easy on yourself
There is a fair share of people associating books to studying, the memory of cramming words into your brain traumatised them. According to Shigehiko Toyama (外山滋比古)  - free yourself from finishing a book, let them find itself back to you at the right time. If it didn't stick, don't pressure yourself to finish it. The habit of reading is more important than the books. 

Pick something interesting (it doesn't even need to be a book) 
Further from the last point, pick something you are interested in, a topic which you are curious about. It can be an email,newspaper, magazines, Facebook pages. If book is not your kind of thing, there are many other things published on various forms of platforms. Medium is my recent favourite. In the app, it's full of writing that makes you think or see things from a differently. It shows you avg. time it takes to read a particular article, which is also a smart move. 

Swap a (bad) habit into reading
Implementing new habit is easier said than done. How about swapping a habit you've wanting to get rid of. Read when you normally would fiddle on your phone. Read when you normally would watch tv to wind down. Read when you feel awkward being on your own (I have done this so many times when travelling). Read when you are commuting. 

Go to a bookstore
Bookstores sell books, therefore they will make sure books appeal to you. Walk in and just embrace everything they have to offer. Just hold on tight to your wallet! Remind yourself that you are only there to 'mingle' with books (or hot bookish staff, if you would), no string attached. In case of impulsiveness, make a reading list as you go. You can always check them out (books, not staffs) on Amazon, Book Depository (Free worldwide shipping!) or on your next visit!