Zero Waste Swaps No.1 / by YT

stainless steel straw.jpg

X Bin Linen X

We recently started composting, and have been very diligent with recycling. Just as we got new bin linen from a brand that claims to be more bio-degradable, instead of completely bio-degradable, it got us thinking whether we really need them for our bin. 

We decided to give 'naked bin' a go. 

The most rubbish we have in the bin is mainly tissues, and some packaging that cannot be recycled. Since we recycle and compost, our bin hasn’t been all that full or smelly. We empty it by taking the whole bin to rubbish collection point, and emptying its content. If there is residue left inside which is a rare case, we rinse it in the shower or wipe it down with a rag. 

X Plastic Straws X

We finally got our stainless steel straws! For a while we struggled to find a case for it, so I made my own using denim cut offs. Not the most glamorous of cases, but it does the job and can be thrown into the wash. 

X Produce wrapped in plastic X

We were so used to shopping at supermarket, where produce are wrapped in plastic or worse, polystyrene trays. So we forced ourselves to shop at the local wet market instead and put produce straight into our shopping bag or reused plastic bags. 

With dry goods, we can get some of them in bulk at local Chinese Medicine Pharmacy. We are still trying it out since measurement units are a bit tricky ( catty, tael ) and we are shy when it comes to going about our no plastic business. We try our best to get to know the guy who runs it and report back!

Next on the list: 

While the tissue-to-hanky transition might take a bit longer to switch over. We are currently looking into produce bags, so that we can even cut out using plastic bags completely. It might be getting cooler now, but we're keen ice cream eater no matter the weather. An alternative for disposable cutlery will be in handy. Something like a spork will be great for taking out with us without taking up too much space. 

Boc'n Roll / Stasher bags / Ambatalia Bento bags / Bambu Spork

Snack to go solution : Boc'n Roll / Stasher bags 

Shoping solution: Produce Bag / Bento bag  

BeeWax wrap / Bowl wrap 

Bamboo cutleries / Spork