Bullet Journal Set Up for 2017 / by YT

It's been half-a-year-ish since I last talked about Bullet Journal, and I am still at it. There are a few changes in place, but I am still very happy with the system. No more regrets on picking a planner and detesting it halfway through the year. Like me, if you are not happy with the layout, change it! So here are the few updates on pages I have added to my Bullet Journal and also taken out from it. 

Using colours
I was terrified to use colour in my journal, worrying that it will break the monochromatic aesthetic. Turns out, I need to organize text by titles and work out a colouring scheme for them.

Changing layouts 
With the future log, I haven't been using it consistently because of A) its layout B) I haven't define its function. The solution to both A and B will be to change the layout and give it a purpose. Now, it's in list form and only runs till June. I have also added a little counter at the bottom to track growth on social media. (Thanks Rachel That's Chic for the idea)  





Adding pages that works for me

'And I forget' is a page with all my login names and passwords since I have a tendency to always forget. 

'Dump' pages is where I write things down when I need an outlet. They varies from negative thoughts to things that provokes creative ideas.  

Reading / Work Hours Log  As mentioned previously, I keep a reading log to track reading material online and offline (related post: How to organize your online reading).  I use the same trick on logging my hours working from home and at my part-time job. 

Bullet Journal is an evolving journey to improve productivity by writing things down, and I am all for it. Best of luck to another great year of penmanship and correction tape!