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As it turns out, being vegan is cool now. The faces of vegans are changing from food-nazi / animal right activist to hippie-chic. I am somewhat a hippie, I want to be chic, therefore I give vegan a try. Truth is, I am not ready to give up meat, let alone all animal product. Plus, the way I was taught to eat by the amazing Aunty Kit, is to eat all sorts. The lesson for me here is to find balance and be conscious of what I put on a plate.


Laura Miller |
My biggest girl crush after Zooey Deschanel. She is out there to change the vegan food scene. She stars in Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. on Tastemade and I encourage you to binge watch the whole playlist. She pretty much inspired my experiment, her recipes are straight forward, plus some occasional clumsiness on screen makes the whole show feels genuine. Most recipes are produce based, which makes it very accessible and healthy. Fun to eat, fun to watch. And boy, her dress collection.

Recommended recipes:
Banana Pancakes (Gluten Free) 
Rainbow Noodle Salad
Raw Vegan Pad Thai

 Mabel's guide to... spin off from Gravity Falls

Mabel's guide to... spin off from Gravity Falls


While Laura’s recipes are simple and the fruit and veg part of the ingredients are easily accessible, there are also ingredients which I don't know how to pronounce. It makes this vegan experiment all the more fun! There's still a lot of learn, esp. about super food and all that bizz. Here are some of the common ingredients for vegan food that I've tried and like, or tried and want to try more. 

Young Coconut
cheap, versatile, yum | made into yogurt, pastries, dessert

not cheap, great source of energy boost, yum | as it is for hikes, mix with walnuts, great sweetener

Agave syrup | Coconut sugar
non-compromising way to cut down sugar cause they are yum, LOVE | want to try different kind of syrup

Non-Dairy milk
Almond milk, love. Cashew milk, love. Soy milk, love. | doesn’t leave me feeling bloated | want to try making my own

Cacao $$ | Oat flour $ | Chia $$ | Flax seed $ | Quinoa $$ | Kelp noodles $ | Almond butter $$$

Price Tag
I am not particularly allergic to gluten, nor am I heavily lacto-intolerant. But with nowadays’ food industries, additives in processed food is undeniable. My means for going gluten free, is to consume good ones. (Further reading) To eat clean, local. But to do that, particularly in Hong Kong, is hard. ( Chinese Link | English Link ) Since there’s not many farm until you cross the border and imports from mainland are questionable (not bothered about sugar-coating this toxic fact). That, I do not have any life hack to offer, I can only share from personal experience: Only do organic when you are loaded. (I will get back to this next time.) With everything else, such as grocery items like oil, nuts, spreads, I am a loyal fan. And someone told me that Amazon also do grocery delivery to Hong Kong, which I am gonna check out immediately after I finish with this article. 

This seems like a theme worth pursuing. I have boned some of the parts and hoping to revisit this topic with more to share.