Part-time: cultural youth / by YT

To start it off, I stumble across an opportunity for a  “cultural youth” (文青) field trip this weekend. I tagged along my friends to a crowd-funded concert and a theatre show, not knowing much about these productions. Instead of reviewing the two events, I decided to people watch and talk about the audiences whom fuel these cult(ural) gatherings. 

Thirst for Authenticity

collage inspired by ‘starter pack’ meme

With the boom of social-network, there are million ways to curate your lifestyle status on various platforms.  It’s convenient for anyone to pigeon-hole or being pigeon-holed by what they wear, places they go to and events they attend. The status themselves could be an alter-ego of some kind, or just be an extended version of one’s character. It projects an image one wants to create, and sometimes, for others to aspire to become.

BUT. (It’s easier to explain what I wanted to say with an analogy by Steven Furtick.)

To all non-conformist/cultural youth out there, not being confined by what everyone’s doing is great, so is being genuine, honest and authentic. If you ask me, highlight reel becomes quite bland after a while, bloopers are usually pretty awesome. Just show me what you do in your daily life, share your thought, on brand or not on brand. 

Start small, stay small.

Hong Kong is small. It’s a known fact.
People in Hong Kong aspire to be many things, some youth want to be Taiwanese, Japanese, Western. We are currently going through complex stages to define what local is about. Perhaps, Hong Kong’s local experience, is indeed all those borrowed culture melting into one big pot. 

One reason why I love the MK culture, cause there are so much to do with the location and the people in it. There’s no where else like Mong Kok in the entire world. Therefore, this culture is rooting and only going to be relevant between Prince Edward station to Yau Ma Tei station. 

Hong Kong is small. It’s a known fact. 
Maybe we are not made for world domination, and that’s okay. There are still many things to be proud of as a city and as its dwellers. 

The answer to diversity is always more. 

It’s great that cultural agendas are trending, and all I want is more. There is a certain charm to Hong Kong, that attracts people to move here ( I shall consult my old pal, Monocle, for further information), hence, diversity seems to be the general direction for things.

Without sounding like I am dissing my hometown, I see rooms for improvement in many ways, rooms for more people to start their own cult following. I long to see youth with diverse taste in lifestyle, multiple genres in local music scene, big and small venues holding all sorts of shows, productions of all kind of budgets.

"Not everyone will like what you do, if they all do, then you are doing something wrong." - Margret Atwood (Watch her interview on Broadly

The key to diversity is also to respect individuals. 

Individualism to Chinese can be seen as selfish, but some didn’t see that, the foundation to it is mutual understanding. You are respected for your personal choices the way you will be respecting others’. It goes both ways. 

個人主義時而被視作為自私的籍口,但當中彼此尊重的底縕,常被人忽視。當其他人嘗試去理解你的個人選擇及理念,他們亦期望得到同樣的對待。 尊重是雙向的。

You may not like what someone's doing, but respect has nothing to do with likings. With that in mind, it clears cloud of anxiety, worrying about whether what you do will be liked. Respect has more dimensions than a 'like' button. 

Note to self: Be Bold. 
Be like Nike or do what Shia Labouf says. 


P.s. Honestly, this is not my proudest piece. You may find this a piece of text some kind of mumble jumble, but all I am here to do is to give you a conversation starter.