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Renee Peter’s post on on The Truth behind Zero Waste.


I was challenged to be real with the community's expectations and my own integrity. I am guilty of sometimes pushing away items in the background that are not as high regarded in eco value, so that they are not in frame. I want to stop doing that for aesthetic’s sake. 


Not another hobby

It’s sometimes easy to categorise zero waste as one of the trait of certain types of hobby. When I try to find my audience group, I fall into the same routine of associate those who loves nature (hikers, beach-goers, outdoorsy type) to be more eco-friendly. Hobby implies something you do on your free time, or something you do of interest. Lowering your waste is not exclusively a hobby, it is a change in thinking and lifestyle that involves activism. 


Mindfulness - how much are you paying attention to the way you live 

There will be a shift in approaching the way we live and make changes in our habits. The truth is that, if something is worth the effort and rewarding, we more likely to repeat and therefore become a habit.  


Interested vs Not interested 

Expected vs Not expected 

Worth-trying vs Not worth-trying